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PAT Testing Doesn't Have to be Hard...


We work with our customers to make sure every item is tested. If an item cant be tested, or is off-site, we can offer a return visit, so the item can be added to the certificate at a later date.


Our engineers are trained, insured, and upkeep high standards of their work when at your site. We strive to maintain high standards of professionalism, before, during and after our site visits.


We appriciate that your work space may be busy, and down time may be difficult. We always try to make sure interuption is kept to a minimum and items are tested as efficiently as possible.

Why Choose us?

We always expect our customers will get multiple quotes for their PAT Testing. That's why we keep our rates competative and regularly asses them to make sure we aren't overcharging!

We're local! if you're on our website, it probably means you're in the West (or possibly North) Yorkshire area. We aren't a national company, so we dont charge national prices, and we're usually able to fit you in at short notice.

We try not to fail items. This might seem odd, but we appriciate putting an item out of service may be a problem for you. If you have an important item that you need running, we always look at options to repair it if we can, before failing an item.

Up to 20 items

For the first 20 items we charge a fixed callout of £40

20-100 Items

After the first 20 items, we charge £1.00 per item, up to 100

101+ Items

After the first 100, the price decreases! Get in touch for a free quote!